Multimedia localisation

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A translation is a way to communicate with target audience applying knowledge of the cultural and social environments.


Language processing of multimedia formats across platforms (audio, video, Internet, subtitles, voice-over, transcriptions, DTP, SEO).


Design, operation and management of shared offices

IT Consulting

Sales and management of IT equipment, servers and networks.

About us

  • Translations and Multimedia

Kraus Media is involved in several industries. One of the most important activities is providing of translation and language services. This department deals with the translation of documents and software in a wide range of fields. An integral part is also multimedia content, which includes various presentations, graphic elements, including videos and audio files. This includes, for example, subtitling. We provide our professional translation and localization services to our clients thanks to an experienced internal team as well as to our contract suppliers from all over the world and in all world as well as less frequented languages.

  • IT Consulting

Another part of the company's activities is IT consulting. We design and manage IT equipment for our contract clients, including assembly and operation of individual PCs as well as entire computer networks. We focus primarily on training and education.

  • Coworking

Since 2021, we have expanded our activities to include so-called shared offices and coworking. The topic of "Coworking" is on the rise in connection with the ever-accelerating pace and availability requirements. Our customers do not have to commit to renting their own premises and pay expensive deposits, but they can also use our shared SmartCowork offices whenever they need to.


 Pavel Kraus

Pavel Kraus, was born in 1979. Professional translator and IT consultant. Since 2004, he has been providing IT consulting services, including servicing and sales of computer equipment and network management. In 2011, he founded Kraus Media s.r.o., which specializes in language translations, localization and multimedia. In addition to these fields, Pavel is active in marketing, design of shared offices (Coworking) and support for entrepreneurs. His hobbies are sports, garden and his family.

   Translations and multimedia

The main focus on multimedia translation and localization is the foundation of Kraus Media. The company was founded in February 2011 and was built on 4 generations of the translators of this family business. During the company's activities, we programmed and implemented an online project management system, called "Viggo". In addition to our in-house team, we have expanded our network of contractors (translators, proofreaders, content and multimedia specialists, etc.) around the world. As part of our services, we specialize in individuals, small local companies, as well as global brands. We can distinguish individual segments according to individual needs and requirements.

In 2010, the company moved from the capital city to the royal city of Beroun, where we continue our activities.

 SmartCowork - shared workplaces

In 2021, after the covid experience, we opened the first SmartCowork pilot branch in the royal city of Beroun. In leased premises in the center of Beroun, we built the first 20 shared office workplaces on 130 m2. According to the own design, the premises were helped build by local craftsmen. We believe that the flexible use of an equipped office is an interesting alternative for many beginning but also established entrepreneurs, employees and companies. In addition to an equipped shared workplace, we offer individual and group training and consulting to support the business development of our emerging coworking community.

 IT Consulting

We have been dealing with IT consulting since 2004. Our services include the purchase and sale of IT equipment. Design and installation of computer networks and server management (mostly with UNIX / Linux). Our main projects are management of local computer networks at primary schools in Prague (from the beginning of the Internet to schools project to the transition to school management), remote management of individual computer stations in various locations in the Czech Republic and configuration, operation and management of training facilities.

Our goal is to offer our customers an ideal and cost-effective tailor-made solution.

 Global Communication

Local Approach
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The rates depends on the scope of services provided. The services can be offered as a standard package, or on the basis of individual agreements. Consult our business representatives for details.

  • Rates per word
  • field specialization
  • multi-level process
  • short delivery deadlines
  • shared workplaces
  • networking
  • training / workshops
  • business support
  • IT equipment & Networks
  • Sales
  • Design and Management
  • Consulting
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  • Multilingual content
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 Four Generations Of Experience

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